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I’m Evan. I’m a comic and I live in Los Angeles. I’m already uncomfortable with the tone here. I don’t like that this question gets frequently asked.
Well, its hard to say. I don’t have a specific thru line, like “What’s up with butts?”, or “Hey hey, y’all need to wash y’alls genitals!”.

Most of my material generates from a question I had to ask myself, or something that struck me as odd. My favorite subjects stem from things we see everyday, but don’t even notice because we’re just used to them.

You do need to wash your genitals though. I don’t want to undermine how important that is.

I’ve always loved stand up. Since I was a little kid even. I didn’t really understand what the comics were talking about, I just knew I couldn’t get enough of it.

So one day I decided to let old lady comedy get her boney fingers around my exposed throat, and boy let me tell ya, she’s got a strong grip.

Okay, thats not really a question, but I’ll…..humor…you, ha ha.

Truth be told, it doesn’t really work like that. My humor is sort of conversational, and I cant just start and stop it on a dime, ya know?

The humor pun I did earlier was sort of in line with my style. Remember how much you enjoyed that?

There’s that aggressive side of you again. Its very unattractive.

I dont think I’m better than anyone, and I have decades of data to back that theory up.

I do!

I also study Improv at The Groundlings, and act, and write and stuff. I’m a real good writer, and theres nothing quite as very satisfying as when you write good. Pretty good with sentences? Why yes please! And thank you!

Well thats actually subjective. Also, once again, not a question. You don’t seem very good at asking questions! How does it feel to get burned by your own hot fire?
Im so glad you frequently asked me that question!

I have Twitter and Instagram, both of which are @itsevaneggers (because it is). There are links plastered all over this page.

You can also check out the webcomic stuff I do at NoteToSelfEsteem.com and QuotesFromTheRoad.com

If I had to narrow it down to just a few people, I’d say: Patton Oswalt, Paul F Tompkins, Scott Aukerman, Jack Handy, Bill Hicks, Kyle Kinane, and a bunch of up and coming comics you might not know about yet. I would mention them here, but this is MY thing.
Oh wow, Im not even sure where to start with that one.

First off I like to write my own stuff, and second they’re not called “skits” they’re called “bits”. I would tell you more but I didn’t get $100,000 in student loans to go to comedy college in Branson so you could learn this stuff for free.

Progress! That is in fact a question! I’m happy you’re on board with the format of this FAQ, but once again, I don’t really just “tell jokes”.

I don’t know what you want from me! You’ve been giving me a hard time since we started this whole thing!

Goddamit. That seems like a cheap way to end this.